Kenan Yildirim

The lake outside my house is irradiated. I code stuff.


First learned Lua, then Python, then C# and Java. I won an award for something I wrote in C# and now I do JavaScript.


Nowadays, I spend most of my time writing npm modules. You can find my published modules at my profile page on Over time, that page will (hopefully) grow quite a bit, so to save you some time, here are my favorite projects:

  • nwitch, the project that I am focusing most of my time into at the moment. nwitch is a chat moderation bot for the video game streaming site Twitch. I'm currently writing a plugin system that would give nwitch infinite capabilities.
  • Primality, a JavaScript library that deals with prime numbers. Inspired by Lo-Dash, I created Primality with the goal of making it a "complete" solution to anything regarding prime numbers. However, JavaScript development has begun to move away from "bloated" libraries. Nevertheless, Primality serves as an example of how long I've been in the community.
  • lucas-lehmer-test, the Lucas-Lehmer primality test implemented in JavaScript (this is the same test used by the Great Mersenne Prime Search, which has found some of the largest prime numbers to date). Working on Primality raised my interest in prime numbers and the tests used to determine primality.